Harry Potter | Patronuses

Harry Potter | Patronuses

Harry Potter – Stag (same as James, his father)
Lily Potter – Doe
James Potter – Stag (same as his animagi)
Ronald Weasley – Jack Russell Terrier
Hermione Granger – Otter
Ginny Weasley – Horse
Seamus Finnegan – Fox
Albus Dumbledore – Phoenix
Aberforth Dumbledore – Goat
Kingsley Shacklebolt – Lynx
Luna Lovegood – Hare
Nymphadora Tonks – Werewolf (for Lupin)
Ernie MacMillan – Boar
Severus Snape – Doe (for Lily)
Minerva McGonagall – Cat (same as her animagi)
Cho Chang – Swan
Dolores Umbridge – Cat
Arthur Weasley – Weasel
Andros the Invincible – Giant (or at least something the size of one)
Hedley Fleetwood – Woolly Mammoth
Illyuis – Mouse
Symposia Rawle – Ladybird

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